About My Rainbow Crochet

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My Rainbow Crochet was born from my desire to share with others my passion for crochet by combining it with the Magic of Life.

With my patterns, you can fully focus your energy creating with your own hands and feel that sense of satisfaction of having made something you like.
They also allow you to express your inner child by making small characters or other magical and colorful objects.

For the story of the name:
For me, the colors of the rainbow represent Joy and Life and this is what I want to show in my creations.
Joy and Love 💖

About me

My name is Charlotte, I’m 32 years old and I live in Montpellier.

I am passionate about crochet (obviously), literature (especially fantasy) and Japanese culture.

I wish to share with you my vision of Life, of its Magic that surrounds us, of the Love and Joy that we encounter in every little thing of everyday life.

I discovered crochet in early 2017 by taking an interest in Japanese creative arts. I quickly devoured all the tutorials on Youtube to learn crochet and books. Then I started to want to make my own patterns following my imagination and that’s how My Rainbow Crochet was born in late 2017.