Halloween Cupcakes

patron crochet amigurumi cupcake squelette halloween

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Hello Rainbows 🌈

Every year, I look forward to Halloween to bring out pretty crochet patterns for you 😊
It’s a period that inspires me a lot and I always try to add a cute and magical touch also for this period as in all my patterns!
This year, I had the chance to participate in the #HobbiiHelterSkeleter challenge organized by Hobbii and I wanted to stay in the sweet spot for these new patterns. Come and discover the Halloween Cupcake patterns below with the Skeleton Cupcake and the Witch Cupcake 🔽

patron crochet amigurumi cupcake squelette halloween
crochet pattern amigurumi cupcake witch halloween

🎃 Inspiration 🎃

As I told you above, I wanted soft and sweet patterns for this year but keeping that Halloween spirit. I had lots of ideas for cupcakes but little time to devote to them. I still made two which are as follows:

  • The Witch Cupcake with her witch hat and stars filled with magic. And of course I used 2 of my favorite colors: pink and purple.
  • The Skeleton Cupcake with its big cute eyes and its little purple bow. For this one, you will surely notice that I was inspired by the character Jack Skellington in the film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Both are small in size and therefore quick to crochet for your Halloween decoration!

If you are looking for other Halloween-themed patterns, others are waiting for you on my site: https://www.myrainbowcrochet.com/en/tag/halloween-en/

To see it in more detail, I made a little video for you 😊

👻 Some technical details about Cupcakes 👻

The Halloween Cupcakes crochet patterns have been designed so that there are as few seams as possible.
If you’re looking for a pretty, magical and sweet decoration for your Halloween or a gift, these cupcakes will be perfect!
Annex to explain certain stitches, tips and techniques used in the pattern are attached for easy understanding.
These patterns are suitable for crocheters with an advanced beginner level.

Find thess patterns just below 🔽

crochet pattern amigurumi witch skeleton cupcake halloween
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💀 Le material you need 💀

If you want to use the same material as mine, I am attaching few links below.
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Find more magic patterns ✨

patron crochet vampina chauve-souris amour halloween
Vampina, the Bat Love
patron crochet bonbons sucette halloween
patron crochet guirlande halloween
Halloween Garland

🎃 Abbreviations used 🎃

R : Row
sc :
Single crochet
Inc :
Dec :
SlSt :
Slip stitch
CH :
hdc :
Half double crochet
dc :
Double crochet
Tr :
ssc :
Start in Single crochet
Front loop only
Back loop only
** :
Repeat around the row
[…] :
Work in the same stitch

To celebrate their release, the Halloween Cupcake patterns are on sale until September 30, 11:59 p.m.! If you need a decoration for Halloween, take advantage of it 😄

🔽 PDF files of the patterns are available by clicking on the images below 🔽

crochet pattern halloween witch cupcake amigurumi
crochet pattern halloween skeleton cupcake amigurumi

▶ You can also find these patterns on my Etsy Shop and on my Ravelry!

If you make this pattern, don’t hesitate to share it on Instagram by tag me @my_rainbow_crochet so that I can pass you on in my story or on Facebook to send me a photo of your achievement that I would incorporate into the album of your achievements!
Seeing your achievements is always a huge pleasure for me!

All rights reserved. You can not resell, share, modify or publish this pattern.
This pattern is for PERSONAL use only. The pattern may not be, in whole or in part, reproduced, published (online or printed), modified or resold according to article L.122-4 of the french intellectual property code.
You can sell the finished products, if they are made by you, in limited quantities and by providing the name of the designer. Please add the following information to the description of the amigurumi sold:
“This plush was handmade by … (your name) from a pattern created by My Rainbow Crochet”
Copyright 2023 MyRainbowCrochet

See you soon Rainbows ! 🙂🌈

crochet pattern amigurumi witch skeleton cupcake halloween
Pin it on Pinterest if you want to find it later! 😉

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