The rainbow 🌈

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Hello Rainbows ! 🌈

I am writing this article to give you more details about the rainbow which is one of the patterns included in my free e-Book. You can receive it by filling out the form at the bottom of the article by subscribing to my Newsletter 😊.

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Seeing a rainbow appear in the sky always makes us happy and brings out our child’s soul. The rainbow is therefore synonymous with Joy. Its colors remind us that life is not made in black and white but of a multitude of colors, of a multitude of emotions. The rainbows are also a physical appearance of the rainbow people who spread their joy wherever they go.

The rainbow is also the symbol that I chose as the main element of my brand: My Rainbow Crochet, for all these reasons.

Add this joy and its colors to your daily life by making this rainbow! ☺

It is quite suitable for beginners, very easy to do!

Finished size:
Height 7.5 cm (2.75 inches)
Width 12.5 cm (4.72 inches)

The material you need:
– Crochet size 3 mm and 2,5 mm
– Cotton threads (size 3 – 3,5) : Red, Orange, Yellow, Light yellow, Green, Light blue, Blue and Purple
– Wool needle
– Textile adhesive or glue

The shortenings used:
R : Row
sc : Single crochet
Inc : Increase
Dec : Decrease
SlSt : Slip stitch
CH : Chain
Hdc : Half double crochet
** : Repeat around the row

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Seeing your achievements is always a huge pleasure for me!

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See you soon Rainbows ! 🙂🌈

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