Your gift for Christmas: a free e-Book 🎅

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Hello rainbows 🌈

On this day of December 24, I wish you a Merry Christmas surrounded by your loved ones! 🎅

Hope Santa has spoiled you this year ☺and you are going to eat delicious things! For me this year, I planned to make a meal that will make more than one mouth water 🤤 (I like food a lot? Nooo not at all 😋).

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This year, you are going to get an extra gift from me: a free e-Book with 5 patterns! I’ve been preparing it for you for a few weeks now. I hope you will like all these patterns and that you will have great pleasure in crocheting them!

free magic e-book crochet pattern
crochet amigurumi pattern snakicorn

Meet the rainbow snakicorn, the fishicorn, Mélusine the rice ball fairy (which will grant all your wishes), the Fairy Magic Wand and the rainbow! They are suitable for beginners and advanced beginners.

To obtain this e-Book, you must go through a registration form for my Newsletter. I have just put it in place (it was tedious, I admit, this is the first time that I have tackled this). I reassure you right away, I will never give your e-mail to third parties and I will never spam you with e-mails. You will mainly have one email per month containing news and promo codes for the current month. Sometimes there might be a second email but that will be it!

crochet pattern amigurumi rice ball fairy mélusine

I would also like to thank you for this year with you. It’s been a great year for me taking over My Rainbow Crochet and really getting back to crochet. I will of course continue in 2021 with a little more surprise. A project I have been working on for a few months! I will tell you more in January 🙂.

You will find the form to subscribe to my newsletter and receive your e-Book HERE.

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If you make this pattern, don’t hesitate to share it on Instagram by tag me @my_rainbow_crochet so that I can pass you on in my story or on Facebook to send me a photo of your achievement that I would incorporate into the album of your achievements!
Seeing your achievements is always a huge pleasure for me!

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See you soon Rainbows ! 🙂🌈

free magic e-book crochet pattern

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