Sam, the flowers spirit

crochet pattern sam flowers spirit

Hello Rainbows ! 🌈

New month, new pattern ! I present to you Sam, the spirit of flowers 🌼. It was created for the celebration of spring!
This one has, moreover, a particularity with its flower that I let you discover in the video below 😊.

Its little story:

“Sam is a flower spirit. Neither masculine nor feminine. Its role is to watch over all the flowers that bloom in the
area it occupies. From their fertilization to their hatching until their deflowering, it brings them Life and Love.
The flower above his head contains the different colors that he can give to the flowers in his area.
When the spring arrives, it opens its flower and spreads the colors and the Joy to its new protected.
You can also open Sam’s flower to give yourself Joy in your day!”

He finished her turn in the surprise BOX for the month of March and is now joining the Shop at her normal price!
You will find the pattern of Sam, the flowers spirit, on Etsy.

Its pattern is suitable for people who have an intermediate level of crochet.

pattern crochet amigurumi sam the flowers spirit

Some technical details about Sam

Finished size:
Height 23 cm with open flower (9.05 inches) and 25 cm with closed flower (9.84 inches)
Width 7 cm (2.75 inches)

The material you need:
– Crochet size 2.5 mm and 2 mm
– Cotton threads (size 3 – 3,5) : White, Black, light brown, Blue, Pink, Orange, Yellow, light green, Green
– Wool needle
– Stuffing
– Glue or textile adhesive
– A pair of 0.9 cm safety eyes
– Pink blush to color her cheeks

pattern crochet amigurumi sam the flowers spirit

The shortenings used:
R : Row
sc : Single crochet
Inc : Increase
Dec : Decrease
SlSt : Slip stitch
CH : Chain
Dc : Double crochet
Hdc : Half double crochet
Tr : Treble
** : Repeat around the row

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Seeing your achievements is always a huge pleasure for me!

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See you soon Rainbows ! 🙂🌈

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pattern crochet amigurumi sam the flowers spirit
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