Tip for stuffing small parts

crochet tip stuffing

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This post is the first in a long series that I have planned to do to give you my crochet tips and especially for making amigurumis. I hope that they will serve you 😊

As the name of the post suggests, today I am going to talk to you about the stuffing of small parts as well as very thin parts like arms or legs, for example. It can quickly become problematic to be able to pass the stuffing well and especially to pack it correctly and evenly.
About two years ago, I found a trick for this: the use of a Chinese chopstick 🥢😁
The next time you go for sushi or at an Asian restaurant, you won’t look at chopsticks the same way!

You can also get some during your meals in these restaurants (at my place, they often put several pairs for free) or I put a link below to get you a set of chopsticks. This is an affiliate link on Amazon.

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Without further ado, I will give you a small photo demonstration on how I proceed.

crochet tip stuffing
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Illustration of the use of the chopstick

astuce crochet rembourrage

First of all, you have to provide yourself with a Chinese chopstick as I mentioned previously.
If you don’t have a chopstick, a woodstick or some other material will be fine too.

Just avoid a stick that is not smooth or has a hook-like end. It is also better if it has a thinner tip on one side.

crochet tip stuffing

Find my magic patterns ✨

patron crochet pack amour
Ashana, cupid elf
patron crochet poissicorne
patron crochet marea princesse sirène
Marea, mermaid princess
astuce crochet rembourrage

Take the stuffing.

I usually take a little stuffing to gradually bring it into the part I want to stuff.

Make it a small, not too compact ball and place it at the entrance.

Then, take your wand or your stick and gently push the stuffing to the bottom of the part to be stuffed.

Once at the bottom, make small settlements with your wand if you want the stuffing to be firm.

And there you have it, that was my little tip! 😁

crochet tip stuffing

I also posted a video demonstration of this tip on my Instagram which you can find below 🔽

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See you soon 😘

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