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After my tip for stuffing the little parts of your amigurumis that I posted last month, I’m sharing a new tip with you today with doll safety eyes. It’s a method I’ve been using for about two years and it really changes the look of the eye area. I hope this second tip that I am giving you this year will be useful to you 😊
I’m telling you that I’m going to try to give you a tip every month throughout the year.
Go without further ado, I’ll share it with you below 😜🔽

The issue of safety eyes

If you’re here, it’s because you use safety eyes very often on your amigurumis. So you must have already noticed that by clipping the back of the eye, the edge of this plastic support marks a shape around the eye and this can be seen very well afterwards when you stuff the doll’s head.
The head of the doll at eye level is suddenly not very smooth. This is a detail that bothered me a lot but I found a solution 😄

amigurumi eye tip
tip amigurumi safety eye
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The solution to this problem

amigurumi eye tip

Warning: If you use safety eyes on a doll that you want to give to a child, I advise you not to use this tip which removes a safety catch.

You’re going to have a pair of scissors for this tip and that’s it 😄 and a pair of safety eyes of course.

If you want to use the same safety eyes as mine, I am attaching a link below.
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With your pair of scissors, make a cut on the edge of the plastic support (very slightly, if you go too far, you will cut the whole support). Continue by cutting the edge all the way.

So you end up with a very thin support. Then just clip it to the back of the eye and you’re done! 🙂

astuce yeux de sécurité amigurumi
astuce yeux amigurumi

You just have to stuff the head of your amigurumi and observe the result!

Did you know this tip?
If not, I hope it will serve you for your next dolls 😊

If you want to find this tip on video, I created a Reel on my Instagram account to demonstrate it. You can find it below 🔽

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