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🌈Hello everyone !

Today I finally share with you my first video tutorial to make a super cute and colorful crochet lollipop that is very suitable for beginners!

Steps are subbed in English throughout the video. So you can follow the tutorial very well even if I speak in French.

This is the first video I make, so I admit that it was not easy at first for me to make it and do its editing. Fortunately, a friend helped me with the editing software (thanks Cédric) otherwise I would have taken even longer to release it 😅

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. The lollipop is very easy to make and the video shows you step by step how to make it. This lollipop allows you to have the pleasure of remembering the lollipops from our childhood that made us dream with all these colors and by their size. Except that here, you keep this pleasure without having to eat it! 😋

crochet pattern lollipop halloween
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Update May 16, 2022
Also find below the written explanations to make the lollipop, in addition to the video tutorial 🙂

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I made a video explaining in detail how to make the mini lollipop. You can also find the printable PDF file of the pattern. I let you check it all that below 🔽

🌟 Video explanations 🌟

If you prefer to have the printable PDF file of this pattern, you can find it by clicking on the image below 🔽

crochet pattern lollipop halloween

⚠ IMPORTANT: This tutorial is an original creation. You may not copy it by sharing it in writing, video or reselling it. ⚠

🌟 Written explanations 🌟

Material you need

If you want to use the same material as mine, I am attaching few links below.
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Shortenings used

R : Row
sc : Single crochet
Inc : Increase
Dec : Decrease
SlSt : Slip stitch
** : Repeat this around the row

▶ The base of the lollipop 🍭

crochet pattern lollipop

We will first make a first tube with the first color chosen as follows:
R1 : magic ring with 6 sc
R2 : 1 Inc in each sc (12)
Then continue to make sc in each sc until the tube reaches a length of about 32 cm.
Stuff gradually as the tube advances without stuffing it too much.
At the end of the tube, close it by bending the end of the tube to join the two ends and close by performing 6 sc.
Cut and tuck the yarn.

For the second tube, with the second color, carry out the same procedure as for the first tube except that this one must have a length of approximately 26 cm.

Once the two tubes are finished, roll them together, sticking them together as you go to form the lollipop.

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▶ The lollipop stick 🍭

crochet pattern lollipop

With the third color, perform the following process:
R1 : magic ring with 6 sc
R2 : *1 sc, 1 Inc* x3 (9)
Then continue to make sc in each sc until the stick reaches a length of about 16 cm. Then insert a wooden stick, shortening it if necessary so that it does not protrude.
Then make 1 dec and bend the rod to join the two edges with 4 sc.
Cut and tuck the yarn.

Finally, put glue on the top of the stick for about 5 cm and glue it to the back of the lollipop.
Let everything dry.

crochet pattern lollipop

And there you have it, you have made a pretty colorful lollipop! 😀

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“This plush was handmade by … (your name) from a pattern created by My Rainbow Crochet”
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See you soon ! 😀🌈


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