Victoria, the unicorn rainbow maker

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(post originally published on November 28, 2017)

Hello everyone !

I offer you a new pattern of unicorn. It’s Victoria, the rainbow unicorn. I created this pattern for the competition organized by Amigurumi patterns. I will write you a post in the coming days to give you the link to the competition that takes place each year and where you can vote for several models.

Here is the little story of this unicorn:

Victoria belongs the race of unicorn rainbow makers. This unicorns are invisible to humans and however, they exist since several millenaries. At the end of each rainstorm, they cross the sky with their beautiful wings to create rainbows in resplendent colors. These rainbows are the only trace they leave that humans can perceive.

pattern unicorn victoria

Victoria was born in the forests of Brittany (France) in the company of fairies and other legendary creatures. She is still young. She is quite malicious and loves to play jokes on other unicorns. But she also has a reserved character. The moment she loves is the end of the rain so she can jump up into the sky and flood it with colors. But this has not always been the case.

When she was younger, learning to fly was very difficult. At 10 years old, she should have learned to control her wings but she could not control them properly and fell to the ground after a few seconds. She suffered many mockeries, until one day when an old unicorn came to help her in her apprenticeship by giving her lessons every night. Since then, flying to spread a rainbow is no longer an anxiety for her but an intense joy.

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And here are the details to make this pattern:


  • Crochet 2,5 mm
  • Cotton thread (size 3,5) : Withe, Silver grey, Pink, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Black
  • Wool needle
  • Black safety eyes 0,8mm (01/32in)
  • Stuffing / Wadding
  • textile adhesive or glue
  • Fine ribbon or thread to attach the mane
pattern unicorn victoria

Finished size
Height : 6.29 inches
Lenght: 3.54 inches

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pattern amigurumi victoria
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