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crochet tricks invisible finish

After my tips for stuffing the small parts of amigurumis and the one for safety eyes, today I’m giving you another tip that I use all the time and which immediately becomes essential once adopted! Whether it’s to finish a row cleanly or to prepare for a color change, the invisible finish is one of the best tips I’ve learned!
Go without further ado, I’ll share it with you below 😜🔽

🌟 The problem of row ends when crocheting in a spiral 🌟

When you crochet in a spiral, you don’t start each row with 1 chain stitch and therefore you don’t end it with 1 slip stitch. The problem is that at each end of row, we end up with a raised end of row compared to the previous row. This can be problematic when you want a nice finish or when you want to make a seamless color change.
Fortunately, there is a solution! 😄

crochet tricks invisible finish
amigurumi tip invisible finish
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🌟 The solution to this problem 🌟

amigurumi tip invisible finish

When you have finished your row, cut the yarn and take it out of its loop.
Take a wool needle and count two stitches from the last stitch of the row. Tuck your thread into this second stitch and tighten slightly.

You have to pull on the yarn so that it is well superimposed on the stitch below.
Then turn your work as shown in the photo opposite.

crochet tricks invisible finish

Find my magic patterns ✨

patron crochet gaïa terre mère
Gaïa, Mother Earth
crochet pattern ring flower
Flower ring
Rosa fée des roses crochet
Rosa, Rose fairy
amigurumi tip invisible finish

Tuck your needle into the back loop (for you the front loop when the work is turned in the same way as in the photo opposite).
Pull on the thread and you will find that you have created a new artificial stitch which softens your end of row 😄
Then tuck in your yarn passing through several rows.

This gives you a clean end of row without raising!
For example, you can start a row with a different color by entering this artificial stitch that you have just created.

crochet tricks invisible finish

If you want to find this tip on video, I created a Reel on my Instagram account to demonstrate it. You can find it below 🔽

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