Mini Easter Eggs

patron crochet mini oeufs pâques

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Hello Rainbows 🌈

I like to crochet small decorative elements for the different holidays and Easter is a great reason to do it. You can crochet such a sweet and cute decoration that appeals to young and old.
Two years ago, I shared the pattern with you to crochet 6 cm high Easter eggs and I know that many people liked them and were part of many decorations 😄

crochet pattern easter egg

Today, I would like to share another pattern with you to make Easter eggs again, but this time much smaller, on a real scale with the little chocolate eggs that you can buy. I crocheted them in all colors to match them with my big eggs 🥚
Another positive point, these eggs require very little yarn so it is ideal for using up your leftover balls!

If you too would like to add decorative elements crocheted by yourself for Easter, I invite you to discover this new pattern below 🔽

Material you need

If you want to use the same material as mine, I am attaching few links below.
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Shortenings used

R : Row
sc : Single crochet
Inc : Increase
Dec : Decrease
** : Repeat around the row

The explanations

crochet pattern mini easter egg

R1 : magic ring with 6 sc
R2 : 1 Inc in each sc (12)
R3 : msc in each sc (12)
R4 : *1 sc, 1 Inc* x6 (18)
R5 and R6 : sc in each sc (18)
R7 : *1 sc, 1 dec* x6 (12)
R8 : sc in each sc (12)
R9 : 6 decreases (6)
R10 : Cut the yarn and tuck it into the front loops of the remaining 6 stitches then tighten to close the hole.
Tuck in the thread.

There you go, you have made a mini Easter egg! Make it in all colors, bring lots of color to these parties 🌈

If you make this pattern, don’t hesitate to share it on Instagram by tag me @my_rainbow_crochet so that I can pass you on in my story or on Facebook to send me a photo of your achievement that I would incorporate into the album of your achievements!
Seeing your achievements is always a huge pleasure for me!

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See you soon Rainbows ! 🙂🌈

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Pin it on Pinterest if you want to find it later! 😉
crochet mini easter egg
Pin it on Pinterest if you want to find it later! 😉

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